There are many features that you can use to create your perfect event

Accept Payment

Accept Payment

Are you tired of creating Facebook event and many of them says attending but they ended up not coming? With GoSignup.Me you can accept payment for your event and those who already paid are more likely to come. It's always better to collect the money upfront.

Fee Selection

Of course there will be a credit card fee by the credit card processor plus our small cut. You can choose to have the guests to pay the fee or have the fee included with the price. See our FAQ for more info on pricing.


Set Guest Limit For Your Event

You probably only have limited spots for your event. Trying to collect money to reserve a table at a club on the weekend? Instead of getting verbal commitment from many of your friends, use GoSignup.Me to only reserve their spots for those that already paid.

Set Limited Time

You can set the end date for the event, so no one else can sign-up after the specific date you set. This way, you can schedule a cut-off date and plan your event appropriately based on the number of guests.